Hi I am Lauren

Owner, designer and maker behind Alice's Tinkerporium.

I am a crazy, tea-and-chocolate-fuelled Steam fairy with a magpie’s love of hording, Alice's curiosity and the Mad Hatter's obsession with Tea Parties. I wish I could have a tea party everyday (when I have my own garden it will be a reality!). I am prone to rambling (see above) and have too many ideas but love creating and making more than anything so that serves me well.


Ok what next… ah yes! I have a BA hons degree in Creative Arts and a few other arty certificates. I am also a self-taught seamstress. My first make was a magicians cape when I was only 8 years old! I have many theatre shows under my belt, having served as Costume Mistress for Shakespeare Live and other local theatrical troupes, which has resulted in a loft full of costumes of all different varieties.


Last but not least, I am also a mummy and wife, which is amazing and the best thing ever. Children really do have the most curious minds and its so eye opening to explore the world from their point of view...I hope you like my website and creations! Please feel free to look around and send me an message via the contact links below.

The Tinkerporium

I make cute & quirky handmade bags and printed merchandise.

The Studio

In my studio I make 

Xxxx Lauren



Melksham, Wiltshire, England



Creative Journals

My Tumblr blog where I am learning to draw so I show you my wips and more 

Posts on a variety of topics related to my products, me and The Tinkerporium

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