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Alice Tinker

Owner and creator behind Alice's Tinkerporium. I am a crazy, tea-and-chocolate-fuelled Steam fairy with a magpie’s love of hording, Alice's curiosity and the Mad Hatter's obsession with Tea...


Welcome to my Studio

Hi All

This is my first post on my website and with very little time to make and having given my Studio a shift around and tidy up I thought I would give you the grand tour.

This is my little creative space and I love it. It is a tad messy but it is all mine and it's so cosy in the evening.

I took a little video of my studio, please do excuse me I am not used to the process and I am very camera shy so I don't appear in the video, just my voice, tee hee.

I hope you enjoy having a look around my studio, it is very personal to me but I hope it gives you some inspiration or at the very least a giggle.

Thank you for watching. I am currently working on my online shop, now I have a lovely backdrop for photos all I need is to take the photos, lol.

Just one last thing before I go, please look after yourselves, stay home and stay safe.

Alice Tinker



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